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6. How many hours should I contract?

Book the minimum number of hours you know will be used. Many services want you to book their largest package. At the end of the evening, if your event runs short, you may have a hard time getting a refund if you've contracted for more time.

ProShow offers the ability to book additional hours the evening of your event at the same rate offered when you originally booked your date. The flexibility to add time as needed allows you to control your budget and gives you the option to add time, if necessary. Many of our clients use additional time and may stay with their guests until the end, or may set aside payment for ½ to 1 hour and leave the event early.

Be sure you know the cost of adding time that evening, as some companies may add a surcharge (ProShow does not). Also, be certain that your event facility will allow extra time to be booked that night. Some halls have minimums and maximums on time allotted.

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