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12. How far in advance should I book my event?

This depends on several factors:

  • What month are you looking for? January thru March months are the slow season for disc jockey services. These months you can get away with even booking within weeks of your event. If you are looking for April and November dates, typically 3 months advance notice should give you ample time. For any other months, a minimum 6 months advance is necessary. ProShow has bookings from anywhere to a year/year and half in advance on some dates.

  • If you are looking to request a specific disc jockey for your event, it is essential that you contact the service as soon as you have your date squared away. Requests can be made at anytime. ProShow has had clients requesting a specific disc jockey book as early as 15 months in advance.

  • If you are booking a wedding anywhere within a 30-mile radius of the University of Notre Dame, consult a university calendar to be sure your event doesn't conflict with major events, such as home football games. Events that are highly attended at the University usually cause area hotels to be booked far in advance. Furthermore, football away game days are disc jockeys' quickest booked dates, as students of the University can only hold their dances those weekends. If you will have out-of-town guests needing accommodations, either book your date early and block rooms, or consider moving your date.

  • If you are looking for alternative dates, consider Friday and Sunday for your event date or even an afternoon get together. Many services offer discounted rates for Sunday events; which may be a way to maximize your dollar.

To further assist you in planning, ProShow offers an Availability Checker [link] where you can find out whether your date is open.

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